Photo by Mads Ogstrup Nielsen

Copenhagen cult band Town Portal have spent the past decade and a half carving out a niche within the realm of instrumental rock music. Fusing Meshugga-esque polymeters with jazzy playfulness and melodic aesthetics reminiscent of 90's noise rock and post-hardcore, their songs unfold as continuous struggles between dissonance and harmony, chaos and groove. 

In February 2024 Town Portal are set to break a five year hiatus as they embark on a European tour in support of melodic hardcore legends Thrice (US). The performances will showcase songs from Town Portal's existing catalog and offer a glimpse of their forthcoming album in the works.

Their most recent offering, Of Violence (2019), represents a shift from Town Portal’s customary DIY approach to recording. Teaming up with renowned engineer Scott Evans of Kowloon Walled City, they recorded the album in Copenhagen’s Black Tornado Studios, resulting in their most ambitious effort to date. This album also stands out as their heaviest and most minimalist work, drawing inspiration from both avant-garde metal and minimal music.

Their discography spans their debut EP Vacuum Horror (2011) and albums Chronopoly (2012), The Occident (2015) and Of Violence (2019). Initially formed as a quartet in 2009, Town Portal was reduced to a trio after the release of their debut EP and has consistently performed and recorded as a three piece since then.

Throughout their career Town Portal have worked with several different record labels including Subsubsurban (DK), Small Pond (UK) and Art As Catharsis (AUS). As long time partner Small Pond put all label activities to a halt in 2023, Town Portal decided to start self-releasing going forward. In late 2023 their own label Dream Bureau was created with the dual purpose of reissuing their back catalog and self-releasing their highly anticipated fourth album, currently in progress.